“Private conversations with cells”

 Roger Tsien

Bioluminescence Hub

The Bioluminescence Hub develops and disseminates novel and powerful bioluminescent tools for brain science and advance bioluminescent tools as a transformative tool in neuroscience through Innovation, Dissemination and Education.

Fluorescent Protein Database

FPbase is a free and open-source, community-editable database for fluorescent proteins (FPs) and their properties. The primary objective is to aggregate structured and searchable FP data that is of interest to the imaging community and FP developers.

Fluorescent Biosensor Database

The Biosensor Database is a repository of the array of fluorescent biosensors developed to study cell signaling in live cells. This database has been designed to be a community driven resource that can be updated and revised to maintain both a historical and current view of fluorescent biosensor tools.

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